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Random superninja contest by Panther-Nora Random superninja contest by Panther-Nora
I am entering a contest [link] where you illustrate a randomly generated superninja from [link]

The description I choose to illustrate is:

This disillusioned female ninja is short and has an athletic build. She has scars on her arms. Her slanted eyes are purple. She has brown hair. Her preferred weapons are throwing weapons. She is skilled in fortune-telling and climbing. She can fly

I dont know how to make the scars on her arms look better, and the best I could do for fortune-telling was the tarot cards beside her.
She is in the red rock desert of utah doing some weekend climbing. not that she has to climb, seeing how she can fly, but she enjoys the challenge.

Medium: pencil, camera, photoshop, in that order.

please forgive the horrible quality. I am new to digital art. Any suggestions on how to improve it are greatly appreciated.
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Questofdreams Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2005
Hey, that's a great job for being new to digital art. Of course, it's easier to color if you had a scanner ^^ but that's alright. I sucked horribly when I first started coloring digitally too. Just practice and you'll get better real quick, promise! ^^

I might join this contest too...sounds fun! You did a nice job of incorporating everything in the description ^^
lunar-rose Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2005
lvoie I'm going to be perfectly honest and dont take this thew wrong way but stick to poetry that is you best forte
Panther-Nora Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2005
Thank you for your honesty. this will probably be moved to scraps soon, I just wanted to enter the contest for fun.
lunar-rose Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2005
I figured you would value my honesty and I didn't want to hurt your feelings
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