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Submitted on
July 23, 2004
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It seems that not a day goes by
Bullets and bombs dont fall from the sky.
Pray to Allah every day
Make it rain instead so I can play.

Somewhere it's raining. Somewhere it's raining

Day by day this war goes on
I'm left no choice, I write this song.
See fighter planes soaring by
Think birds are all that should fly.

Somewhere it's raining. Somewhere it's raining.

We're living poor the fields are dry
But bullets are all that fall from the sky.
So many soldiers marching through
When I'm grown I'll be one too.

Somewhere it's raining. Somewhere it's raining.
Where is it raining?
I nearly feel as thought I cant claim this as my own work. sure, I had the pen, paper, and guitar that brought it to life... but... It was too darn easy! The lines were fully formed in my head... all I did was jot them down.

It's from a perspective other than my own, so it's kind of weird, and I think it sounds better than it reads.
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This sounds like it's from the perspective of someone in the middle east right now.... I wonder what it would be like for a kid over there seeing all these bio mechanical men and explosions......I really hope things turn out okay over there.....
That's kind of what I was going for. At the time of writing it I was stuck in a place where many people were pro-war, and I felt I needed to express that the people dying over there are people too, not just an abstraction.
Once again, amazing concept - and the rhythm present is great.
Brilliant- (chuckles) I find writing songs too easy when it comes to it---but they are still the same.
really beautiful. *applauds*
This is so beautiful and sad. I can almost hear the tune in the words (Does that sound stupid? o_O). You have such talent.
Thank you, I'm glad you can hear the tune in the words, it happens to me too sometimes when I'm reading poetry.
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